Re: Lower Holy Jim

oly ji,Today, I want to talk about a little place my friends and found out about. It is a really unique hiking trail by Trabuco Canyon. It was quite a drive from HB, but it was well worth it. To get to the trailhead you have to drive on a Continue reading


Re: My Role Models


So, I wanted to start off by saying that my parents mean the world to me and I know I am not the only one that feels this way.  They do so much for our family that you don’t even realize.  If you sit down and take a moment to think about all the great things they have ever done for you, the list doesn’t end.  They feed us, they provide a home for us, they buy us clothes, they buy us little gifts.  They will do anything for us because Continue reading

Re: Carrying Out Your Possibilities

So, recently I have been looking for jobs for over the summer because I need to make some money! I also have been looking for a car because I turn 16 and get my license in 2 months. When I first began looking I really didn’t find anything for either and I been to get really frustrated.  I was looking at places that would hire at 16 on Craigslist, but there wasn’t really any great opportunities.  I have found some cars I like, but not that are in my price range.


Continue reading

Re: New Places, New Adventures


So, let me just tell you all that Joe’s Italian Ice is amazing.  I have just recently tried it and I now get cravings for it all the time. Anyways, I want to talk about some cool places I have recently discovered and want to recommend to you all.  These places are all local or a little drive and I highly advise you all to go check some of them out! Here we go: Continue reading

Re: New Beginnings


So, I have has a very tough week so far and it has made me sit down and really think about life.  I realized that yes I need to have fun as a teenager and go on some crazy adventures and experience new things with my friends and family, but I also need to focus on the most important things in my life right now.  I need to focus on spending time with my family, and not dissing my friends all the time for my boyfriend.  I have realized that I have grown further apart from both my parents, brothers, and best friends because of my new relationship.  Don’t get me wrong, my parents love my boyfriend, but I think I need to put some time aside for the ones that are always there for me too. Continue reading