Re: Fighting Against the Odds

psMy English teacher has recently introduced a new class discussion to us, in which he calls “BRAWL.”  There are several groups and someone from each group sits in the “inner circle,” where the teacher will then ask them questions that he had provided to them in order to answer.  Each person is only allowed one answer and two replies to someone elses answer, which someone people it is no problem to get, but others it is a struggle to gain those points.


Many students nowadays do not like public speaking, even me, because of all the pressure that is put on you.  When you are the only one talking in front of a whole class, it can get a bit terrifying.  You feel as though you aren’t saying the right answer and then get even more nervous and then freak out inside!  Most of the time you just want it to be over with, so you don’t have to humiliate yourself anymore.  Something that has came to my attention is that everyone else in the class goes through the same things, they just perform differently with nerves than others do.


Everyone has that fear of public speaking and saying something wrong, because you can’t take it back, just like a live television show.  We all just have to get used to it and try our best because you know every teacher makes you present a project or give a speech or even make a small announcement. Face your fears and be yourself when speaking in front ot others, do not be afraid of what others think of you.



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