Re: My Role Models


So, I wanted to start off by saying that my parents mean the world to me and I know I am not the only one that feels this way.  They do so much for our family that you don’t even realize.  If you sit down and take a moment to think about all the great things they have ever done for you, the list doesn’t end.  They feed us, they provide a home for us, they buy us clothes, they buy us little gifts.  They will do anything for us because we mean the world to them.  When I thought about this, I realized I need to be more thankful and respectful towards my parents, considering how much they do.  I would be nowhere without my parents to guide me, they help me with all my problems and really motivate me to do great things.

Seeing how happy they are with each other and with us, makes me look forward to have a life like theirs.  I want to find a soul mate that will do so much for me like my parents do for each other. I want to have children and give them my all, just as I see my parents do for me.  I want to give my family a good life and great opportunities. I want to work towards improving my attitude with both my mom and dad to make them realize how thankful I am to have them in my life.  I want to give them everything I have and show them how hard I am working in school, sports, etc. thanks to their encouragement.

I wouldn’t want to have anybody else for parents because I have the best..


Xoxo, Stephanie.


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