Re: New Places, New Adventures


So, let me just tell you all that Joe’s Italian Ice is amazing.  I have just recently tried it and I now get cravings for it all the time. Anyways, I want to talk about some cool places I have recently discovered and want to recommend to you all.  These places are all local or a little drive and I highly advise you all to go check some of them out! Here we go:

1. Laguna Pools at Thousand steps Beach- This place is so pretty and I had such a great time here.  To actually get to the beach you have to climb down about 10 sets of stairs (hence the name of the beach) and it is very open and not very crowded.  From there, you can either relax at the beach and explore the tide pools or you can go adventure to find these amazing pools. Personally, I like some adventure so I went in that direction.  You walk down the beach until you reach the cave type of thing, which is really like a rock tunnel, and from there you have to climb up some serious rocks (I suggest wearing some protective shoes) and once you are over the rocks, there are a bunch of tide pools.  Once you actually get to the pools, they are a little crowded and you might have to wait to get into them.  Anyways, the pools were so beautiful and such an adventure. There were even steps into the pool and you could walk around the edge and watch the waves crash.  On your way back, you have to travel through the rocks and caves again to reach the steps.  Oh no, those steep steps you had to climb down, you now have to climb back up. I didn’t think it would be that bad, considering people were working out by running up and down them, but man was I wrong.  It was a climb up those stairs, but well worth it.  PLEASE visit this amazing place, and take some crazy pictures.

woo thousand steps lalal steps

2. Santa Monica Pier and 3rd Street Promenade-  This is another trip of mine which I really enjoyed.  My friends and I drove about an hour to get to the pier, but it was so breathtaking that we didn’t complain once.  There is a lot to do once you actually get to Santa Monica, but what they are most known for is their amazing pier! The pier has an actual roller coaster on it surrounded by many game stand, like you would see at a carnival.  You can buy tickets to go on the roller coaster or to play the games and after by some delicious ice cream after. As we were walking on the pier, we were stopped by a man who had about 6 parrots, who he had taught to do tricks and it was hilarious.  There were many little booths along the pier that intrigued us, and we explored all the sunglasses, hats, and other funny things we found.  After we had ventured the pier, we went to lunch at this amazing sushi place, Wokcano Asian Restaurant, and then went to the boulevard. The promenade was so unique and we saw so many street dancers, and some were actually from So You Think You Can Dance. We went shopping and found some cute new clothes and then lastly stopped for some ice cream at a place called Nice Cream, which has some really good flavors.  Then we headed back home! We all had an awesome day, but I want to go back someday because we never got the chance to go in the water.  GO have some fun and meet some crazy and spontaneous people while you are there!


pier hoops 3rd street nice cream


That’s all for now!

Xoxo, Stephanie.
















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