Re: Carrying Out Your Possibilities

So, recently I have been looking for jobs for over the summer because I need to make some money! I also have been looking for a car because I turn 16 and get my license in 2 months. When I first began looking I really didn’t find anything for either and I been to get really frustrated.  I was looking at places that would hire at 16 on Craigslist, but there wasn’t really any great opportunities.  I have found some cars I like, but not that are in my price range.


I then realized that I need to open up my options to something that will help me with what I want to do in the future.  I want to be a physical therapist and I think it would be a good experience for me to work as a receptionist or an intern for a physical therapy company to see what it is like dealing with all the patients and equipment, so I have been looking more in that field.  If worse comes to worse, I can always work somewhere like HSS down on Main Street because any kind of job is a good experience for someone of my age or anyone actually.  I think everyone just needs to look into great detail to find out what they really want to do in the future and what they think will be best for them.

As for the car, I have been saving money because my parents said they will match whatever I have saved in my efforts to even afford a car.  I have actually found some more options for a reliable car.  I have been looking at a 1999 Toyota 4-Runner and think I really want it, but have to make sure everything is okay with the engine and everything.


From these experiences, I have learned that if you really want something you have to go out and earn it.  You can’t just expect something to come flying at you, you have to put some effort into your searches in order to find what you’re looking for.  I have also realized that money is very important and I understand why it is so valued.  From saving money, I have learned that money doesn’t grow on trees and I am able to understand why parents don’t like giving their children money all the time.  You have to work for what you want, and put your all into everything.

Good luck finding jobs and cars..

Xoxo, Stephanie.



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