Re: To Sean

seanThe other day, my school lost a very special boy, he had many friends and was loved by many.  Although I did not personally know Sean, it broke my heart when I heard the news Friday afternoon.  One of my best friends used to be very close to him during middle school and it broke my heart to see not only her, but so many others in pain.  I caught myself with watering eyes a few times because I can’t imagine how hard that must be for his family.

It is just so weird to think that Thursday he was just like any other kid, going to school, hanging out, and the next he got into his accident, and was gone just like that.  This traumatic event has really made my school closer than ever, bringing all these students and teachers together just for Sean.  He was loved by many and he sounded like he did not take anything for granted and he was a very grateful teenage boy.



Here is a few articles written about Sean

A few days after he had passed, would’ve been his sixteenth birthday and it really shook me, he almost made it.  People tried to pass the message along to wear black and rasta colors (red,green, yellow) for Sean’s birthday and surprisingly I saw many people with them on.  I just wanted to pass the message  along to please never take anything for granted and live your life to the fullest because you never know when it could come to an end. sean

Rest In Paradise Sean. I Love You.


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