Re: Escondido Trail in Malibu

Today, I am going to tell you guys about a really amazing hiking trail in Malibu.  I myself have not been there, but I have heard a lot about it, so i’m going to share what I will be doing next weekend when I go to check this out!


This trail is around 4 miles with some vigorous hills at the start on a paved road.  Then you reach Escondido Canyon Park where you see a sign to the left that says, “Escondido Canyon Trail and Waterfall.”  The trail goes through a forest-like area with some fields where you can sometimes see flowers in bloom, depending on the season in which you visit.  Along the trail you will have to cross some small creeks with rocks as stepping stones. After about a mile, you will reach the Lower Escondido Falls where many hikers tend to eat lunch.

After enjoying a nice lunch, head to the right to find the trail for the upper falls.  Make sure to have proper shoes for the slippery rocks and limestone wall.  This trail can be very dangerous, so make sure you are prepared.  From there you will have to climb up with the assistance of some roots and rope, be careful.  After reaching the flat path, continue to the left and climb over some boulders and plants where you will then reach the upper falls. You will get to enjoy a beautiful view and watch the water pour over the edge into the pool some 150 feet below.

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If you are super adventurous, you can join some crazy hikers up to the landing behind the falls, where you will get not just wet, but soaked.  From behind the falls, you get to enjoy an even more amazing view, with the water literally falling right in front of your face.  Take some time to relaz at the Upper Falls because it is said to be very peaceful and quiet, and a nice break from the crazy life we live in.

Stay safe and have fun. Xoxo Stephanie.


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