Re: Lower Holy Jim

oly ji,Today, I want to talk about a little place my friends and found out about. It is a really unique hiking trail by Trabuco Canyon. It was quite a drive from HB, but it was well worth it. To get to the trailhead you have to drive on a

dirt road and over some not so sturdy bridges. Once you park your car, you have to walk a bit to actually get the trail, but you walk through what looks like a town. There was some really interesting houses and a really cool fire department, with a VW bus as the fire truck.

Now to the actual trail, it is quite shaded for the most part and only about 1.5 miles there. It had very pretty scenery, and wasn’t challenging. Along the hike, you would see some different parts of the path, like at one point in the hike you had to walk over a shaky piece of wood to get back on the trail. At the end of the hike, you arrive at a little waterfall, which is very small and safe. It was a very good place to take picture too! If you are super adventurous, you can be like my guy friends and climb up the rocky side to get to the top of the waterfall which was very cool.

Overall, it was a fun, easy, short, and memorable adventure. After getting back to the car, we HAD to drive to In n Out to get a shake and fries after burning all those calories! I really hope some of you can try this hike out and enjoy yourselves. Safe travels!

Xoxo, Stephanie.


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