Re: Compromise

compromiseWe all go through some tough times, and don’t know how we are gonna make it through sometimes.  We have relatives that pass, we lose friends and boyfriends or girlfriends, we make bad decisions.  Some of us think the world is gonna end and that we will never make it through this situation. What we all need to learn is that, some things can change your life forever, but it they will not ruin you.  We can all make it through tough times, it might just take a little longer than wanted.


We have to compromise, take life as it is and not mourn on the past.  Make changes, and get used to the major differences in our lives.  Make the most out of what we are given and don’t take anything for granted.  We should take our time to move on, but make sure we do not forget about the memories.  Sometimes we don’t miss the person so much, it’s the memories you’ve made with that person.  Make the best of every problem or situation.


In class today, we got into groups and had four poems that we had to read and then had to make up our own poem.  The poems consisted of many different parts from each poem, just like we humans are.  On earth today, most humans are shaped from so many different things that occur.  The things that occur in our lifetime, really make us who we are and we are all made up of different pieces of the generation. My advice to you is to take every situation you have and go into with positive thoughts and don’t let anyone change your mind.  Be who you want to be.



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