Re: Never Stop Doing What You Love

imagesToday in my English class, my teacher showed a video that really touched me and meant a lot.  This video was about underprivileged children in a small town, Paynee, who had a group of friends who would all watch the professional soccer players on their televisions.  Then they all thought and decided to make a team of their own despite the fact that they had never actually played soccer, but soon realized they had no where to play.  On the other side of things, most soccer teams in the United States, particularly California and well known states, are privileged enough to play soccer on nicely cut grass with a brand new ball with a real soccer goal with amazing trainers and coaches.  This story is close to me because I am a soccer player, so I took this video very seriously and to the next level.

These children decided to build a wooden float with nice nets in the middle of the water surrounding their village, and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.   The had practiced everyday after school just for fun. Screenshot 2014-03-19 at 5.18.35 PM


The same kids entered a one-day tournament to play other teams, who were quite skilled and organized.  They did not have faith in themselves because of all the things the villagers had said to them, but the villagers had changed their minds and helped them get gear!  However, those nine and ten year olds boys showed these organized teams up and really inspired me.  Although they didn’t get first place they made it a long way for being a team with no coaches and no real field.

Screenshot 2014-03-19 at 5.19.09 PM

This video showed that no one should ever stop doing what they love just because they cannot afford materials.  If you love something that much, you will find a way to keep doing it and make the best of it.  Please never stop doing what you want just because of something someone says to you, because their opinion does not matter if you are doing what makes you feel good and makes you, you. I was taught throughout this video to make the best out of every situation and find a way to make it through tough situations.


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