Re: Passion for Teenage Souls

passionIn life, it is really important for us teenagers to give passion into everything we do, whether it’s school, sports, friendships, or family.  We should put passion into every aspect, and make everything worth it.  However, everything puts a burden on our backs and give us a lot of stress, especially because of school.  We are pressured to get good grades because it will make a pathway for our futures, which should really motivate us to do good.  I know, I know, school is a pain and really sucks sometimes, but think of how thankful most of us are to have an opportunity to have such amazing education and think what it would be like without those privileges.

passion #1Anyways, we all have what it takes to get where we wanna be, we just don’t know it.  Remember in kindergarten when we liked going to school and even in middle school we still liked it, we still have the same desire to learn, we just don’t know what to do with it anymore.  We all have the ability to go far and do amazing things, we just have to give our all in everything, all our passion, all our strength, and all our will.  We all know that feeling when a friend says something super sweet and it cheers us up, we all need to do the same and give all our love to our friends and family.  Make everything worth it and put your all into everything and your passion will shine!


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