What it Means to be an Outsider


The word ‘outsider’ can be comprehended in many different ways.  An outsider is known to be one who is excluded from a party, particular group, association, etc.  The definition of outsider I’ve come to learn and believe is someone who doesn’t fit the standards of normal. Some think that being an outsider is not right and is actually bad, but some also disagree with that.

Many come to think that being an outsider can make someone feel alone and like they have no one on their side to help. It can make them feel like they don’t have a say in things or their opinions don’t matter because people exclude them so much, but once they find others like them, they will start to feel different and feel accepted. It means they are looking for a place where they belong, like they are finding themselves, which a lot of teenagers do.

In my personal opinion, I believe that being an outsider can be a good thing.  An outsider does things their own way and they do them regardless of what other people think, which I think is good because those people don’t need others approvals and are independent, and I think I could learn something from them. Outsiders are considered to be those who stand out, which is also good because no one will ever notice you if your ‘just there’, you have to make them remember you and do something to stick out. It is better to make a difference than to watch the world go by.

Being an outsider gives someone a different perspective on society and life.  Outsiders aren’t afraid to do what they want, which reminds me of the book and movie, “The Outsiders,” which everyone should look into because it is a great story. Remember, that even if your alone sometimes “the strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone.” -Henrik Isben


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